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What is the ISV Music Group?

The most important thing to note about the ISV Music Group is that it is a NON-PROFIT service and exists solely to provide support, motivation and assistance to aspiring musicians who support ISV and/or are members of the ISV Community Group. ISV Music Group does not require you to sign a contract, and artists are welcome to leave the group at any point. The ISV Music Group does not restrict an artist's chances of being signed to a record label, and actually assists them in finding a record label. The ISV Music Group can accurately, but loosely, be described as any of the following;

  • An independent record label
  • An online, promotional & management firm
  • A combined group of musicians who assist and collaborate with each other

The ISV Music Group works in conjunction with the ISV Community Group. Successfully applied artists will automatically have a 'fan-base' of around 2,000 people to exploit their music to, in order to gain feedback, recognition, or further promotion.

The ISV Music Group consists of two roles; artist and manager. The artist's responsibility is simple; they are required to provide good quality music to represent themselves, and the group respectively, under the guidance and advice of their allocated manager. ISV Music Group currently consists of 4 artist managers, and around 30 artists. These artists are split up into smaller teams and placed under one of the four managers. The manager has a number of responsibilities;

• To promote their allocated artists to the best of their ability.
• To write professionally worded emails for their artists, should they wish to contact someone daunting or of professional status.To organize the artist's music and make it universally able, and easy to download (if released as a free download).
• To advise the artist on the best outlets and retailers to choose from, should they wish to release a piece of their music commercially. (ISV take absolutely no percentage of any profits made from the music)

• To contact other artists with collaboration requests, should the artist desire to (within, and outside of ISV influence)
To design cover-artwork for the artist.
• To advise their artist on all aspects of their musical work, including which songs they believe should be released and how (I.E as a single, part of a mixtape, part of an EP, etc)
• To provide honest and constructive feedback on music submitted.

The ISV Music Group cater to all genres of music and successful artists will be categorized into one of three musical-styles; rap, rock/pop and electronic. If an artist's style of music crosses over to another style, they will simply be put in the category we believe is displayed most in their music.

Artists within the ISV Music Group are friendly and honest with each other, which creates an enjoyable work setting and artists are often collaborating on projects, giving on another constructive criticism, helping each other with technique, production, mixing, mastering.

The ISV Music Group also contains several beat creators, which assist rap-based artists frequently. The only thing ISV ask for in return for this service, is that artists use the ISV Music Group logo and name in any material they release since being an accepted ISV artist, so that all aspects of the movement and community can grow as the artist does.

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